On the Major Issues

  • Connecting the Federation with the New York State GOP, and chapters respective regional committees and parties.
    1. The Forward NYCR campaign will invest much time, effort and money to connect Federation chapters, of which there are 29, to the New York State GOP and the respective committees and parties throughout the state.
      1. This will include opportunities to get involved with political campaigns on the local and State levels, internships at offices of elected officials, and jobs within the different committees throughout New York State.
    2. In connecting the Federation with the New York State GOP establishments, this will make it easier for individual chapters to maintain correspondence with elected officials to invite them for speaking engagements.
    3. One complaint that Mr. Cuesta has received from various elected officials is that local chapters are not involved enough with political campaigns. The Forward NYCR campaign will ensure that if in office, resources will be allocated to forward deployments throughout the State.
      1. This is a positive thing on many levels. For one, this gives our students the opportunity to get their feet wet in the political sphere, which could prove to be a positive investment for the Republicans in the future.  It is also good because it would give Republican candidates the ability to utilize more volunteers for field work, phone banking, and other aspects to garnish victories throughout the State.
  • Creating an environment of greater involvement in campus life for our various chapters.
    1. It is imperative that College Republicans in the State of New York remain active in their respective universities.  Maintaining a positive image within local school life will ensure that students in the fringes become enticed to want to get involved with College Republicans.
    2. With that being said, the Forward NYCR campaign has several initiatives that it will implement when victorious in the April convention.
      1. As State Chair, Paul Cuesta will ensure resources are available to chapters which have an interest in hosting various events on their campuses.
        1. Recommended will be the notion that College Republicans should reach out to their own College Democrats and other groups to host events in collaboration. Proper discourse would allow for our Federation, and the specific chapters to spread their message in a productive way.
      2. The Federation, under State Chair Paul Cuesta, will prompt its Treasurer to assist individual chapters with club fundraisers, and all types of outreach efforts.
        1. This would also include working to fix humanitarian, environmental and immigration issues within the chapters local communities. Everything from assisting Habitat for Humanity, which Mr. Cuesta is heavily invested in, to assisting in Soup Kitchens, Midnight Runs, and garbage pickups.
  • Expanding the reach of the Federation throughout the State of New York.
    1. The State of New York is approximately 55,000 square miles, with a population of about 20 million people. In the SUNY and CUNY systems alone, there are about 1 million students.  There are also over 200 colleges and universities in the State of New York.
    2. These are some numbers that the New York Federation of College Republicans should focus heavily on. Under a Paul Cuesta chairmanship, the Federation will take all appropriate measures to expand its base and influence throughout our great State.  Greater outreach efforts will need to be made that the previous administrations neglected to increase the number of chapters and students, respectively.
    3. Even more important will be our increased efforts in reaching out to minority groups whom the Republicans have seemed to neglect throughout the years. A Paul Cuesta chairmanship will appropriate funds to assist in minority outreach.
      1. Paul Cuesta, as a black conservative, understands the trials and tribulations of the African-American communities. Unlike our opponent, he has volunteered in Christmas and Thanksgiving kitchens in low-income communities (see photos in the picture file of our press packet).  Mr. Cuesta has volunteered much of his time and efforts to plant trees in communities of his peers and people.  He understands more than anyone else that many in low-income communities are inherently conservative, and have been neglected by the Democrats for many years.  Paul Cuesta himself has raised through the academic ranks to get to where he is today.  He started off at Westchester Community College, where he founded their College Republicans club which is still very active today.  He maintained excellent grades that ended in him being the top of his class before transferring to Manhattanville College to finish his four-year degree.  He has also been a man of the community, a man of deep intellectual thinking and the most selfless person that this great State has ever seen.  All these qualities make him more than qualified to take over the mantle of State Chairmanship.