Forward NYCR Honors Prominent Women During Women’s History Month ; Carly Fiorina

Cara Carelton Fiorina was born on September 6 , 1954 in Austin , Texas. She is an American businesswoman , most known for her position of CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

When she was the chief executive officer of HP , Fiorina was the first woman  to lead a Top-20 company ; in 2002 she oversaw the largest technology sector merger in history during which HP acquired its long time rival , Compaq. She began her political career as an advisor to Republican Senator John McCain during his 2008 bid against Obama. During the 2016 presidential election she was a major candidate.

Carly Fiorina should also be noted for her contributions to non profit organizations and international causes. An example of this is the One Woman Initative ; the OWI desrcibes itself as “An International Womens Empowerment Fund” that aims to “support existing initaties in Muslim majority countries and countries with large Muslim populations focusing on “key empowerment issues including entrepreneurship , political leadership and the rule of law”. She is a successful woman that not only understands what Americans want but is also modest with a passion to give back to important causes.

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